Simple Tools For Building Apps Fast

Simple Tools for Building Apps Fast

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If an individual needs to build a mobile app for a small business or a start up, they do not need to be a great designer or a ninja developer with years of experience in coding languages like Objective C, Swift or Java to make an application. But for most business owners, time is very important factor and building the app from the ground up themselves is not a feasible solution to the problem. The more logical route is to hire a developer and designer to make the application. But if on a limited budget, They will more than likely not have enough capital to pay a Designer/Developer for a well designed and beautifully coded application that will run on the Apple and Android marketplace. Both marketplaces use different code and if someone wants the app on both marketplaces it can double the cost of your app from the gecko.


Thanks to today’s technology , There are very convenient tools available that suit the needs of small business’s and start ups. They’re a blend between “Do It Yourself” and getting the hard parts done for you. This method is the quickest and most cost effective way to make an app for a business. Using an app builder like Appszero will save time because the code is already written. The user will pick a pre-made template and then inserts the information and images related to there business and the app is complete. There is no coding involved because all changes are made in a user friendly click and edit type of environment.

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The code in the background is written in html5, css and JavaScript. With just the click of a button, The builder will convert this code to the correct files types which will work on the Apple, Android and Amazon App Marketplace. This is not just great for the average joe business owner, But for the traditional web developer that is only familiar with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript is a intelligent language, and it can work just as well for commands and functions compare to objective C and Java or swift can. Because of this, AppsZero provides a gateway for web developers who would like to create mobile applications in these languages. This method will save the developer a lot of time due to the build once and convert tool.

Other convenient tools available are:

FastStone Photo Resizer


FastStone Photo Resizer is a tool more on the design side of building your mobile application.
Faststone Resizer can convert a large number of images in a very short amount of time. The software can convert files to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG and JPEG2000, The software can resize or crop a large number of images as well. which can save a designer a large amount of time. The software is free to use but donations are accepted. The software is a very handy tool to increase work productivity for you or your designer.

Sensor Tower:

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a online platform tool with over 100,000 companies using the site. The platform helps the user understand ASO (app store optimization) which will improve the visibility of your application on the app store and ultimately increase your business’s brand awareness. The software can track your apps chart position on a daily basis. Sensor tower provides insights that include how well the apps is doing in the charts for rankings of particular keywords and rankings in particular category’s and leader boards. They also have a very helpful competitor analysis tool which can track the keywords your competitor uses. This software is a must for anyone serious about marketing the application on the app store